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Digital Transformation to Make a Positive Impact

At FORMM, we believe our work makes a positive impact on people and the planet, helping more of the world prosper. We had the amazing opportunity to contribute to an app-based recovery program that uses technology to provide scalable, accessible tools to empower people to cope when life is hard. Their strong focus on workers' compensation claimant return to work programs makes them an ideal partner for businesses looking to support their employees' recovery and return to the workplace. During the journey, the team behind the program realised that they needed to digitise their offer and customer experience in order to keep up with the pace of change and improve efficiency.

FORMM helped to refine the overall concept, transforming their proposition to a tech-based behaviour-change platform. The solution leveraged a virtual avatar and incorporated emerging ‘emotional AI’ machine learning. Through a team of UX designers and product developers, we built the MVP on low-code platform Bubble. We established product management and support processes and supported market launch via a paid pilot with a global insurance company. Services expanded to help recruit a full-time CTO and transition capability in-house.

Our partner was able to unlock substantial R&D tax concessions and grants near the value of fees paid in the product development phase, achieving a high ROI and payback on all investments and resulting in a superior customer experience for claimants.