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Retail eCommerce Acceleration

Australia's top online beauty retailer was facing major challenges in providing a unique range of products, an exceptional online transaction experience, and data-enriched customer engagement. They sought to establish a product team to tackle these issues and build influential relationships with key stakeholders to promote product management and scaled agile framework adoption.

Through a customer-centric approach, the retail giant worked with our FORMM CPO (prior to him joining FORMM) to establish a product team that implemented new agile ways of working across business lines. Together, they developed a product roadmap and introduced the customised shopping mobile app, enabling customers to engage seamlessly with the integrated e-commerce platform. In addition, the team executed business, user experience, and technical changes to improve the website's conversion rate and deliver a superior customer experience.

The transformative solutions implemented by the product team yielded significant results:  1) The product team became recognised as a leading business partnering capability, adding substantial value to the organisation, 2) The product vision, roadmap, and agile practices built a competitive advantage and provided a platform for revenue growth, 3) The mobile shopping app launched successfully, contributing 15% of the company's revenue, 4) The website's conversion rate experienced a 3.5% uplift, leading to incremental revenue growth due to the implemented business, user experience, and technical changes.

The success demonstrates the power of a customer-centric approach, innovative solutions, and a digitally-enabled ecosystem that caters to customers' needs. By focusing on product experience and embracing agile methodologies, companies unlocked significant customer value and strengthened its position as the leading online retailer.