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Building MVPs with No Code Low Code

In today’s mobile-driven world, apps are crucial in connecting your business with customers and employees. To avoid high development costs and get a minimal viable product (MVP) in front of real users as soon as possible, innovators are turning to low code no code platforms for a faster speed to market. Low code no code also has the advantage of iterating features quickly and adopting a program of agile development based on actual customer validation.

So, how do you choose the right low code/no code platform for your business? A new entrant to the market is an Australian platform called Buzzy which takes designs direct from Figma into MVP without the need to use developers. Af FORMM, we've worked closely with Buzzy, to quickly and easily create applications without needing to write complex lines of code. This simplifies the building process, allowing you to deploy new solutions and applications faster than ever before.

With Buzzy's platform, businesses can improve communications and accountability within their teams, freeing up time to focus on their customers and business operations.

Don’t let slow and costly app development hold your business back. Contact us today to learn how FORMM and Buzzy can help you achieve better outcomes and a better business.